1983 Beirut barracks bombing

October 23, 2008

Today marked the 25th anniversary of the bombing.  241 US service-men were killed.  Please take a moment to remember them.  Then take a moment to remember all service-men & service-women who have sacrificed their time & lives for us.  Then tip one back for those who didn’t come back.



  1. Salute’
    In memory…

  2. I remember this. Little did we know it was the specter things to come. Like so many terrorist victims, the dead never knew what hit them. Ironically they were there as peace keepers.

    I also remember thinking later that Reagan’s response was weak.

  3. I was a soldier in Germany when this attack occured, and I remember the effect that it had on me. I recall when the wounded came in to Frankfurt, and I recall when we went into high alert, rushing twords the boarder to repell the Russian invasion. Never in my life have I felt such a bone shaking fear, but also a fervent need for justice. We can never forget that we need to always stay on guard against these threats against our way of life. Stay Alert, Stay Alive!

    Dennis A. Letsch.
    CPL U.S. Army
    Cavelry Scout

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