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Wide Rimmed, Brown, Leather Hat

October 31, 2007

Edge of a field

Just off the wood line

November leaves lie beneath

A grey skies wet snowy blanket

Bound in layers of cotton, snug

Comfortably warm

With the drone of sleet

Colliding with the few leaves

Still perched amid their trees


Brisk the breeze that

Reddens and chaps my face

Reminds me that I am alive

Sings to me of subtle beauty

And touches me with a natural smile

Grand is the power of my respect

For as the lovely Queen of nature dances

I stand captivated in joy.



From the Seed

October 30, 2007

Each moment

-Adds a leaf to the tree

Ever growing

-In height and girth.

Flowering in joy

-To mark discovery

Branching out

-In new perspectives

Autumn colors

-Covenant to wisdom

Solace of the soul

-In winters sleep

Seed laden fruit

-Propagation of success

Strength through adversity

-Rings around the heart

Anchored in truth

-Moss covered roots



The Hawk

October 30, 2007

Dance you

On the wind you ride

Silhouette against the sky

One missing tail feather

Still the master

Power of the thermal

Unfolding beneath your wings

Born to fly

Hunting to survive

Moment to moment

Innate prowling

No alternative


Unmarked time

Away from the nest

Away from instinct

Nobody is looking

Dance you

On the wind you live



Against Ourself

October 30, 2007




In the Rough

October 26, 2007

Relatives by design

Sharing life giving ground

Acknowledging the differences

In a continuum up support

Weeding the foundation of unfamiliarity

Growing old together

Becoming one



The Clutch

October 26, 2007

Again the Creature has come.

Standing before me licking its teeth.

A Wraith of a Griffin.

Lean of sinew.

Rigid and sharp.

Quills not feathers.

Malicious not loyal.

Colored in flame.

Smelling of acid.

Bony spined arms

Uncoiling from the Mantis-like chest.

Ending each in a claw of nine unbending talons.

Long fingers like the shards of lightning struck wood.

Click…click…clicking as they sniff out anxiety.

My anxiety.

From yet another failed expectation.

The failed expectation that calls to this demon.

This Wraith to which I am bound.

Tied with a chain too short.

Never have I evaded its grasp.

Condemned always to its ill embrace.

With a single hungry claw

The Wraith captures the whole of my gut.

I stand trembling in its grasp.

Living now moment to moment

As the closing grip spews vitriol from me.

The talons move closer together

Slowly shredding my insides.

Anxiety, though, does not render like flesh.

And so collapses toward the center of itself…


Forming a black sphere of Doubt, Need, & Panic.

Tighter and tighter does the fell Griffin squeeze.

Blacker and purer does the sphere become.

Until I gestate with Feebleness and Regret.

I fear my stress reaved body

Will not survive the birth.



Frost on the Rye

October 25, 2007


When the clouds turn to stone

and the harvest dies

the Savage Season begins.

Wind no longer holds wing

and the lightning flies South

it is the season of elimination.

Dearest mother Earth

hides her secret of life

and the mind rages against the soul.

It is the season of the cold Sun.

It is the Savage Season.



Let us start with the ABC’s of me. . . . . . . . . (am i allowed to tag myself?)

October 25, 2007

Arthur. Could there be a better beginning?

Bear. Hunter & Hunted, Aggressive & Passive. The paradox of Balance.

Castles. I wonder if the local government would give me a license to crenelate my house.

Deeds. It is not what you Think or Say but what you Do that has any real value.

Europe. If you have family over the Pond go see them. If not then go anyway.

Fire. Not a gas, liquid, or solid just absolute perfection. Is it not the most worshipped substance in history?

Gnome. Like the one that my daughter found living in the back woods.

Hildegard Von Bingen. Omni Vox.

Instincts. Listen to them they will not lead you astray.

Jog. It’s good for you.

Karma. Deposits are a blast to make, but be wary of wishes because they are withdrawals & are VERY, VERY expensive.

Lager. If you drink then drink well.

Mountain. I was driving down a mountain road one dark winter’s day during a blizzard. When the snow got to deep for the truck to push I got out and started on foot. When I got down to 4000 feet the snow turned into rain. As I looked down I thought, “Who would want to work in that?” I About Faced and went back up the mountain.

Nocturnal. The night seems to be more alive than the sun bleached day.

Ocean Kayaking. Grab your partner and doce-doe.

Power Naps. I’ll be back in ten minutes…

Quiet. Possibly the most underrated thing we can be. If everyone would just shut the Hell up and listen!

River. The River that bears the Canoe. The Canoe that bears me. I the bearer of the Fishing rod.

Solstice. (WINTER) We take down the outdoor chimes to let the Earth sleep in peace. Leave a candle lit all night out at the Stone to shield us from the long dark. (SUMMER) Wakeup and go outside before Dawn. Infuse bonfires, food and revelry. Keep it going until after Sundown.

Trees. Don’t think, not even for a minute, that the tree outside your window has any use for you other than as fertilizer.

Utopia. In my Utopia every one carries a gun.

Vacation. Go to Two Medicine Lake in Glacier N.P. Find Twin Falls. Just up from the bottom on the Right side of the falls is a dry rock ledge up against the water. Lay down. Put your hat over your face. Now begin to sleep like you never have before.

Writing. Like sweat on my skin are penned words to my mind. A purging fact of focused exertion.

Xylem. Waxing like a candle dipped in time. A new layer every year.

Yes Ma’am. Said low and slow. This one works every time.

Zeit. I never have enough.