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May 12, 2017

Time is in the driver seat

Never pulling over to rest.

Fear is singing comforting songs from childhood

About how everything will be alright.

Apathy is carving up Ambition’s body

Throwing the pieces out the window.

Despair follows in the distance

Sweeping Ambition’s remains off the Road.

Soul without a Shadow.jpg


Dante’s Tours

August 13, 2008

Welcome to Life

Where the lucky

Are hurt young

And the unfortunate

Die numb

Have a seat

It’ll take you through

I’ll start you as a child

Warm & new

You will




and die

Make people happy

Or ruin their lives

I promise you’ll like it

And the price is fair

Pay me anyway you like

For I haven’t a care

The rules can change

Though without notice

You can bet anything

That’ll teach you what hope is