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Heart Wood

November 1, 2007

Alone on the Path

Isolated under the expanse of the forest

Freed from the Past

Left only with Today

Trudging through the trees

The trees that count the years in rings

That today’s leaves breath life into

-Living AS Time-

Callus to anything under a decade

Yet, capturing each moment in the fiber of its being

Deep in the heartwood lies the seedling still

Avatar of youth now long dead

Birth its only contribution

To that which now stands

Where neither storm nor hand has touched

Embracing its youth

With mature resolve

To never release its sound wood

Which gives to the tree strength


Yet I scurry by

-Consuming Time-

Walking where only today’s Sun shines

Releasing the Past as a matter of survival

Living the Future a day at a time

Absorbing from the Now what I can

Expelling the rest into the Past