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Wednesdays Woodland Walk

August 27, 2008


That’ll do Donkey!

Where's Shrek?

Who let the Cows Out?

Gate crashers!



Love in the Malá Strana

August 18, 2008

Up Lesser Town hill

A young man peddles his bike

Like floating on air

Perched on handle bars

A young woman and her smile

Wine bottle in hand



August 17, 2008

Bury acorns in the soil

When pictures were black and white

Now your age in moss



August 16, 2008

Light the Bar-B-Q

Hand out drinks to all your friends

Conversations start


Hang on to your Emotions

August 15, 2008


Laurie Anderson & Lou Reed

They are my all time favorite couple.  I would love to experience Lou’s New York City and have a conversation about anything with Laurie.




Wednesdays Woodland Walk

August 14, 2008


(Click image to enlarge)

Just a tulip tree with a knot in it…

But wait!  There’s more…

I’m just a little black rain cloud…



Dante’s Tours

August 13, 2008

Welcome to Life

Where the lucky

Are hurt young

And the unfortunate

Die numb

Have a seat

It’ll take you through

I’ll start you as a child

Warm & new

You will




and die

Make people happy

Or ruin their lives

I promise you’ll like it

And the price is fair

Pay me anyway you like

For I haven’t a care

The rules can change

Though without notice

You can bet anything

That’ll teach you what hope is


Plea before the Bench

August 12, 2008


Blank page

Before my eyes again

Challenger of my Soul

Is it you that guides me

Towards fate

Will you be my judge

In the end

Sarcasm    Dreams

Hate    Love

Apathy    Religion

Drool    Wisdom

Upon your skin

I testify

Of these things

I am guilty

Who I am

and what I’ve done

For good

And the bad

Whether you acquit me

Or condemn

I thank you

Though not for your verdict

As much as you presence

You dear page

Who bears my weight

When I cannot


Stalked by Anger

August 11, 2008

Climbing a mountain high

Loose stones fall

In the bright blinding Sun

The stones become hot

Dust and sharp fragments

Choke     Bruise     Distract

Uncertain of footing

I  wander from the path

To a most familiar predator

On this ground I am prey

My heart begins to race

As it crawls near

My eyes wrestle it’s silhouette

From behind splintered stone

A face so vermin like

With red matted hair

Like a chameleon

In it’s holocaustic terrain

A living sore

In a blasted volcanic world


But sensing my awareness

Our roles then reverse

It cannot strike fear

Into what it cannot surprise

And in the light of day

It’s smallness is laughable

I look it in the eye

Show that I’m not afraid

I’m not so lost

That I cannot find my path

Yet spitting acidic vitriol

That stains then burns

Attacking in it’s retreat

Scurrying back into hiding

I cup the wound and rinse it

In clear cool water

Only a momentary flinch

Leaving not even a mark

I have avoided it’s bite

And weathered the poison

Looking over my shoulder

I see back to my path

The creature and I

Will soon dance again

For it ever tracts me

Always in my shadow


Rustling Autumn Leaves

August 10, 2008

Woods     Forest     Deep

Moving fast quiet

Instinct to survive

Running through understory

Hidden from above

Alone fighting selection

Must be superior

Combat the environment

Self and nature

Claw     Bite     Flee

Day to day

Granted ever nothing

Nothing ever given

Get through today

Live for tomorrow

Eat     Seek     Breed

Not just inches

Take only yards

Never question why

Accept only how



August 9, 2008

A passion fueled by prey

An attempt at survival

Lurking midnight mists

Congeal into the shaggy form

Of a hungry mind

This hunting twilight beast

At first an unnerving presence


A weighted force

Rending flesh

Bleeding ink


Price of Pride

August 8, 2008

Calling my bluff

That moment of fear

I use an adding machine

To tally the pain


Put on the robe

& Light the candle

Stand on the alter

& Spread the shroud

Insert the dagger

& Burn the Heart

My heart, my alter, me




Cold Stone

August 7, 2008

Walls need not close in

When they block all doors

Defending a fortress

Or haunting a tomb

Lightless and alone


Staircase of Gauntlets

August 6, 2008

Set the expression

Raise the lance

Cross the line of burning fuses


The cost of Will

Dominated by none