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May 30, 2012


There must be Gods

For in a world of

Can Nots

There must be

An untouchable


That remains exalted

Beyond the reach of


Able to absolve

Diminished spirits from


Imbuing upon those

That persevere





I Didn’t throttle

My boss


Does that mean

I can get a




The Dreamer Man (part 1)

July 18, 2009

Have you seen the news about the photographing of an uncontacted tribe near Peru?  Here’s a link.  Native people still living in the bush totally unaware of the rest of the world.  Talk about Organic, sheesh!

I can’t help but think they have gods to pray to.  Gods that look over them from the Heavens & Earth.  What respects the people must have?  What sacrifices they must bear?

Of course there is the Sun God and the Night God.  Do they have a Fire God and a River God?  Surely they must.  Maybe a God of Harvest or the Hunt and then the Gods of Famine and War?  They need these Gods to explain the workings of their world, their environment.  All necessary to define their Humanity.  The tribes place in the universe.

Their culture outlined by how each event is placed in the hierarchy of life.  The culture guiding each person towards their short and long term goals.  The goal of survival supreme.  The passing of these lessons and ideas so intrinsic to that goal.

At this point I wonder.  How do they explain the vapor trails left by passenger jets?  Am I crazy?  Modern people fly from Argentina northward every day.  If everything has a purpose then what purpose do vapor trails have in a primitive culture innocent of Our culture?

So I thought about it and decided that for it to make any sense to them they would…


The day was early still.  The child rearing men & women were in the forest hunting & gathering food and supplies.  The eldest men & women were busy with the daily maintenance within the village. The children to young to be in the forest with their parents were helping the elders in the village.  The Dreamer man had just finished his task of stoking the fire and piling up the fire wood for the days use.  The days during the Moon of the Fire God were always filled with dry weather.  Since the Fire God stole the water from the sky and ground no plant would make flowers or fruit.  This is why the Tribe wrapped extra food in leaves and hid them beneath the ground.  For the Fire God could not take what he could not find.

The Dreamer Man would then walk through the village collecting all the helpful children.  They would all know that today they would go with the Dreamer Man into one of his dreams.  His dreams were always of the Gods.  The children knew they had to be respectful to the Gods.  To do so is to offer a gift to them.  The children would think the Gods hungry at this time of day.  So each runs first to the edge of the forest to gather seed pods before heading to where the Dreamer Man was heading.  As the children hurried to find gifts he went to the Counting Tree and retrieved his drinking gourd.  He then went to the creek to fill the gourd before meeting the children at his fire.

When all had gathered.  Many smiling faces would become quiet and sit down.  The old man tells them to sit together so that their shadows overlap and become one.  Then he reminds them that dreams are held inside of their shadows.  That each of their shadows is made up of all the dreams they have ever had.   But since the Sun God is not allowed to see a dream.  Shadows always stand hidden behind you from the Sun.

Then the Dreamer Man still standing looks toward the Sun.   He asks permission to take the group away from the Sun and into a dream.  While holding the gourd in one hand he covers it with the other.  The shadow of his old hand darkens the water within.  He then says to the children.

The Sun can not see my dreams.  The Sun now can not see this water.  I have put my dream in this water.  All of you drink this water.  Then all of us will be in my dream.”

He then passes the gourd to the children to drink.  One small child is very anxious and gulps at the water.  The old man looks to him and says.

If you drink too much your shadow will see too much of my dreams.  Your shadow will forget it belongs to you and might wander away and become lost in my dream.  If your dreams are lost to you than you will be lost.  Then what will become of you?”

The child, cowed, looks quickly at the gourd then back up at the Dreamer Man.  The child says.

Then I will only drink just enough.”

With some trepidation, and a sheepish smile, the child hands off the gourd to a friend.  The man smiles back and waits until they are finished drinking.  When the gourd is returned to the Dreamer Man he says to the children.

Now close your eyes and do not open them until I awake you.”

The children all close their eyes and relax their posture.  The Dreamer Man continues.

Today I dream of the Sky God.”


Soul without a Shadow.jpg



April 29, 2008

With absolute power

Reality is altered

Fitting the desire


Hidden Paintings in the Night

November 14, 2007

Anointed by droplets
Just after rainfall
While passing through a woods
Blackened by the early morning
Too recently roused from slumber
I am onto the habitual errand
Approaching the river
To cross the trestle bridge
Illuminated by its lone
Sodium arc lamp



Time Stops
I am halted
By a gift on the trail
And still the trees
Anoint me with water
As I look toward the bridge
I see the light
Shining back at me
Through the trees
Just after rainfall
A million black silhouetted leaves
Laced in a billion diamond drops
Scintillating in gold from the lone
Sodium arc lamp
All I hear is the passing river
And leaf drops kissing the ground
Drops that channel down my brow
As I stand beholden to grace
While breathing the morning air
God so recently exhaled
When making on this ground
A Shrine to the Night

quod erat demonstrandum.jpg


Pity the Gods

November 10, 2007

What is a God without believers?

Perhaps alone

Maybe insane

Definitely mortal

Forgotten Gods

No one to take them seriously

But themselves

The mumbling and pathetic lunatic

Stumbling down the street

Living in a reality

That rots his soul

The world he created to rule

Turned out to be just another hell

If only he could admit to himself

His mistake