The Hawk

October 30, 2007

Dance you

On the wind you ride

Silhouette against the sky

One missing tail feather

Still the master

Power of the thermal

Unfolding beneath your wings

Born to fly

Hunting to survive

Moment to moment

Innate prowling

No alternative


Unmarked time

Away from the nest

Away from instinct

Nobody is looking

Dance you

On the wind you live




  1. I love this! If you do not not mind, I may like to lift this from your site and post it at Hawk’s Place. I m just beginning to learn to “…Dance on the wind you live.”

    Is it an original? I assume it is!

    I take my temporary leave!

  2. Thank you for the praise. I am honored by your offer and acquiesce. You have my permission to lift “HAWK” for the Hawk’s Place web site. Yes it is an original. I must admit it is from way back. I have been using the old stuff to supplement the new. I’m not yet back in the habit of writing.

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