Wide Rimmed, Brown, Leather Hat

October 31, 2007

Edge of a field

Just off the wood line

November leaves lie beneath

A grey skies wet snowy blanket

Bound in layers of cotton, snug

Comfortably warm

With the drone of sleet

Colliding with the few leaves

Still perched amid their trees


Brisk the breeze that

Reddens and chaps my face

Reminds me that I am alive

Sings to me of subtle beauty

And touches me with a natural smile

Grand is the power of my respect

For as the lovely Queen of nature dances

I stand captivated in joy.




  1. There have been fleeting moments in my life where I stood in “…captivating joy.” A longing desire I have for consistency with this emotion. This was very nice! Thank you!

  2. Hawk,
    I feel the “Joy”, less, & less,…& less. The troubles of life seem to gather as we age. I started this blog in hopes of finding more “Joy”. I am not here to distract myself from whats surrounds me. But rather to purge myself of that which weighs me down or affirm that which uplifts me. Thank you for the lift.

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