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The Warning

September 12, 2012


he Queen raised her head and spoke,

“Summer shall end one Moon early this year”.

Her subjects nodded their approval.

She continued, “As Spring began one Moon early and Summer began one Moon early so shall Fall begin one Moon early.  To this I add that Winter too shall begin one Moon early.  What stores we have not must be now drawn from the land.  From each field must come into this Palace the food of our Winter.  Placed herein by the many hands of the faithful.  To secure for all of us a future in the flowering fields of Spring.”

The subjects buzzed loudly with excitement as they hurried to their tasks.

The Queen, finished with her proclamation, excused herself and began anew her sacred task.  Laying eggs in the honeycomb.



October’s Fire

October 2, 2011

It begins

the Fall of Night

Darkness embraces life

Saturating the light

Dim violet flames

The Fire Dervish

With Burning Heart

Tends a garden

of Flame