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Hidden Paintings in the Night

November 14, 2007

Anointed by droplets
Just after rainfall
While passing through a woods
Blackened by the early morning
Too recently roused from slumber
I am onto the habitual errand
Approaching the river
To cross the trestle bridge
Illuminated by its lone
Sodium arc lamp



Time Stops
I am halted
By a gift on the trail
And still the trees
Anoint me with water
As I look toward the bridge
I see the light
Shining back at me
Through the trees
Just after rainfall
A million black silhouetted leaves
Laced in a billion diamond drops
Scintillating in gold from the lone
Sodium arc lamp
All I hear is the passing river
And leaf drops kissing the ground
Drops that channel down my brow
As I stand beholden to grace
While breathing the morning air
God so recently exhaled
When making on this ground
A Shrine to the Night

quod erat demonstrandum.jpg



November 5, 2007

Breathing to the fullest

I draw in the morning air

Each exhale a sigh

Purging the sleep from within


Amniotic fluid for the soul

Like Arthur from the Grail

I drink

Scanning the room

Remembering who I am

As the morning fills with light

So does my body fill with life

Each moment of the awakening

Spent in a silent ceremony of respect

For the day is new

And I have been reborn