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Dream Biscuit

January 26, 2008

Do you have a dog? Have you ever come across your dog while it was dreaming in its sleep? Want to have some fun? From my experience dogs have two basic dreams: barking & running. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been woken up at night by one of the dogs. who is barking & chasing something in its sleep. They do this while napping during the day as well. My dog, the oldest of them, does this rather frequently. When I catch her doing it I whisper to her, “get the deer, get the deer”. She knows English better than some people I’ve met and so tears off in hot pursuit. Her legs start kicking and she gruffs even more. I figure its a good thing because I wish someone would whisper to me when I’m dreaming, “autobahn Ferrari, autobahn Ferrari”.

Now the other day, when I was typing up my last post, I caught her doing it again. She was under the desk at my feet. She was chasing something somewhere in a dream. So I stopped what I was doing. Backed out my chair. Put my head down by hers and began to whisper. I took a novel approach this time. I said, “good girl, good girl”. That seemed to get her attention, but she remained asleep. Then I said, “come her”, I made the official Come her sound, then “come her” again. She stopped gruffing at this point and only her feet were moving. Then I whispered, ” inside, come on inside”. I figured that at this point in her dream she and I would be standing in the front yard. To go inside she would run on the porch and wait for me to open the door. After several seconds of watching her move her feet in her dream and then stop moving altogether I said, “inside, inside, come on inside”. Her feet started to move again as she drempt of me letting her in the front door

All of this follows a typical sequence of events that occurs numerous times each day. The dogs and I are vastly familiar with it and there can be only one logical next step.

So I whispered, “want a biscuit”, “does good girl want a biscuit for being a good biscuit girl”, Biscuit, biscuit”. Her feet immediately started to kick and jump. I waited a few seconds allowing her time to dream herself into the kitchen. I then whispered, “sit, sit”. Her feet stopped moving. Followed by “nice, nice”, after that command I always give them their treat then say, “good girl, good girl” A second or two after I whispered this to her she began chew with her lips closed, in her sleep.

Mission accomplished!

I sat back up amazed that it worked. I then promised myself that I will always give my dogs biscuits when I catch them dreaming in the future. If you don’t know about this give it a try. It’s fun.

She woke up all by herself five or so minutes later.  Her tail was wagging and she was apparently glad to see me.