Wednesday’s Woodland Walk

October 1, 2008


I wish I knew what kind of fungi these are

This one lives in the rotten part of an Oak tree

Such Grace

and Elegance




  1. Nice photos Polar. Thanks for the walk in the woods, always a pleasure.

  2. Thats some humungous fungus..

  3. they are astonishingly beautiful.
    I love the red fungi with the white spots, but’s only cause I’m sure fairies are living in them!Do you get them in your part of the world?

  4. What glorious pictures. They made me feel as if I was walking in the woods.

  5. My word, is this near where you live..looks lovely. I thought we had big ones over here after the rain..if this is your fungi I wonder what the faeries are like that play amongst them. You have to be so careful about foraging for them..I am too scared to pick them even though I know what some of our edible ones are like, god fresh picked chantelles (I think they are called) with garlic and butter are divine. The biggest Mushroom I ever found was here
    http://www.scotlandphotos.net/hebrides-colonsay.asp it was the size of a dinner plate and we made soup with it, the soup was black and tasted totaly wonderful. You take great pictures by the way I love the close ups.

  6. Love the shrums! I’ve never seen mushromms like these.

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