Hidden Paintings in the Night

November 14, 2007

Anointed by droplets
Just after rainfall
While passing through a woods
Blackened by the early morning
Too recently roused from slumber
I am onto the habitual errand
Approaching the river
To cross the trestle bridge
Illuminated by its lone
Sodium arc lamp



Time Stops
I am halted
By a gift on the trail
And still the trees
Anoint me with water
As I look toward the bridge
I see the light
Shining back at me
Through the trees
Just after rainfall
A million black silhouetted leaves
Laced in a billion diamond drops
Scintillating in gold from the lone
Sodium arc lamp
All I hear is the passing river
And leaf drops kissing the ground
Drops that channel down my brow
As I stand beholden to grace
While breathing the morning air
God so recently exhaled
When making on this ground
A Shrine to the Night

quod erat demonstrandum.jpg



  1. Magnificent. Quiet sacred beauty….I read and re-read every word and marvel at the images and emotions that rise up.
    Thank you for this.

    I’m just happy to have been there when it happened.

  2. Very uplifting, Gives you pause for those rare moments. Beautiful…I like very much!

    I catalog moments like this for when times get sparse. Thanks

  3. I like it too, reminds me very much of where I’m from. The way it were, not that much of how it is, when I’m living in a small, but yet busy town.

    It would be nice if it happened more often. Thanks

  4. I’m blown away by the beauty of your writings and that you know words in Slovakian. Thank you for sharing your night with us. 🙂

    Thanks so much. I wanted to convey what I saw. If only I had a camera with me at the time.

  5. How very beautiful.

    I’ve walked that spot in the dark for 2 years and this was the only time it all came together. I never knew it was there waiting.

  6. Sublime. Your words flow beautifully through my heart, soul, and mind.

    Mother Winter Moon.
    On this Mountain I have heard your name many times on the wind. Delighted to finally meet you and have you leave such sweet words. Thank you.

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