About the Defendant

Hunted by the Brown bears and captured. Hauled in and thrown down on the white stone surrounding a reflecting pool. Looking up to see the White bear standing on the raised dais in the center of the pool. Listening in frozen terror as he places judgment upon me. Then watching as the Black bears lick their lips before pouncing. Knocked down and consumed. Fade to black.

_ _ _ _______________________________ _ _ _

I was born on the bank of a Great Lake and nurtured in its flood plain. 3 decades ago I started up a path I found unexpectedly near the Forest. The Path led me into the Wilderness away from Kith and Clan. There I found an empty Castle. It sheltered me and so I stayed. Its cold stone whispered to me the secrets of Fire and of the Forest. When the Castle became more a part of me and less just a shelter it was time to leave. The Path took me south into the Foothills. Foothills that long ago had their heart mined out from them. Shadows now filled the mines by day and flowed over the ground at night. I was overcome with fear and ran off the Path; where I was lost. With few secrets and little knowledge I was barley able to sustain myself. Often did I stumble and fall. I wandered thusly for 10 years.

Then there came the paradox.

I encountered a free spirit one bright morning. We stared into each others eyes, unmoving. Through lightning and moonlight until the third dawn. What transpired is another secret but from then on have we traveled side by side. I told the spirit the tale of my Path. She laughed, grabbed my hand and dragged me straight to my Path. She then said if I would follow the path she would stave off fear. I can never thank her enough.

But if I was off the Path how could I have found the Spirit I am to complete it with???

So back on the Path we were. Together we crossed two rivers whose channels twisted and wove us into One. Once on the other side we found ourselves looking up at mountains. Never had we dared to imagine such majesty. When first we saw the breath of the Mountain we knew this was our Home. We could feel the life in every stone. Then just as we were growing accustom to the switch-backs I lost balance. I miss stepped and caused an avalanche that swept us away. Back down past the Hills and almost to the Sea. Undaunted as promised my sweet spirit stood back up, brushed us off, and then guided us with her light until we again found the Path. Back to the foot of the Mountain.

Now standing at the Mountains base we can see the Summit. This is where we belong. From here we climb.

_ _ _ _______________________________ _ _ _

Above is the Map from which I write the observations you will read here. Points along the Path where I knelt in the presence of Grace. Other points where I ran from the terror of Fear. Where everything happened just the way I say it did.


It is the Doom of Man that He forgets

Anáil nathrach, ortha bhas betha, do cheol déanta.




  1. Deep snow..how I long for some deep snow.

  2. What a spectacular photo! Damn, you even have me on your roll. What a delightful surprise. You must operate in stealth mode. Love the sound from Sonific. I actually have this big howl on my playlist but yet have activated. I’m still with the jungle sounds for the moment. Someone after my own heart. I’ll be back frequently!

    Thanks for the link!

  3. Mermaidsmuse,
    I reckon you will have some in about a month or so. The good packing kind. I hate working in it but love to play in it. Snow Dragons for the son and Gnome footprints for the daughter. (how am I going to do that?). BTW I’ll be chanting Gobinda Gobinda Hari Hari for the rest of my life!? And thats a good thing. Thanks.

    Thanks for stopping by. I hope you had a good time on the mountain (it sounded like thats where you went). I like the jungle sounds. I’ll leave your site up for the effect. I’m looking for the perfect Sonific Trifecta of Jungle, Fire, & now we need some animal sounds. Wapiti, Bigfoot, 3rd Graders…

    And to be honest I did not take the above photo. But that is me in it looking up. Way back in ’95. Big snow, college closed, house-mates to National Park, hike pass photographer. Year later, Mom on phone, Question-“How did you get in this magazine”? Me Answer-“What magazine?” Huh, go figure?

  4. Polar, what wonderful writings! This is like taking out my winter coat after months in storage & discovering forgotten money in the pockets! I’m so glad to have made your acquaintance, and I look forward to reading more. I’d like to add you to my blogroll, if that’s alright. Thank you for visiting my site…

    Rich blessings,

  5. I was so excited reading your stuff, that I didn’t even notice that you had ME on YOUR blogroll! Thank you for including me….
    Stay warm 🙂

  6. Chantal,
    What amazingly uplifting words. Thank you. Feel free to link away. visit often. Your Light is greatly appreciated.

  7. Howdy! Just passing through very quickly to let you know you have been tagged at Hawk’s. You may refer to 7 Things if you like.

    I’m outta here!


  8. I return very briefly to say I re-read this post several times. There are a few experiences of my own which are similar to your post. Perhaps, just perhaps, I may feel compelled to write of one journey. As I said, perhaps!

    The post had more meaning the second-time around without having been in a rush to read through it. I will return again later this evening review once again, when my mind is uncluttered.

    Thank you!

    Standing by

  9. Absolutely breath taking…the picture and the tale.

    Yeah, I can remember a couple of time I was gasping for air! 😮

  10. “Poetry and Hums aren’t things which you get, they’re things which get you. And all you can do is go where they can find you.” -Winnie the Pooh

    When I read this quote it made me think of your poetry and writings.

    So what you’re saying is that everything here is incomprehensible? LOL. Sometimes I don’t get it either. However, may favorite Pooh quote is “Rabbit I wasn’t going to eat it. I was just going to taste it.”. Dobre Den

  11. Sound affects are great..your blog is really growing and becoming even more intruiging and your writing is stunning.
    You are lucky to have found your soul mate ( I take it that is what this is about- it seems that way to me ) We have No snow here these days. Its a worry just how mild it is here , right on the gulf stream, it wet and windy ..again.
    I havent really blogged properly for ages..been in my cave as is my want when winter nights come. Will try and rectify that by writing properly soon..
    Oh like the choral music as well..lovely.

  12. Mermaid,
    Yes we did find each other. I don’t know why she married me but I’m glad she let me marry her (go figure). Sorry it hasn’t started to snow yet. We’re waiting here too. I’m hoping your cave is more of a sanctuary and less of a refuge. Good to see you, and I have found wild and feral, I’m going to blogroll that as well!
    Dobre Den.

  13. I am glad I took the time to read this. I am a slow reader and often skip the prose if I am checking out the blogs. (I am also a slow writer and typist).

    Your story gives me valuable context for appreciating your writings. I love the way you presented it. Your soul mate must have seen the mountain inside you.

  14. Congrates on your being up and over that hill…

    This is my 1ooth comment. Thank you Sorrow. You were also the first to comment here so that’s two scoops of ice cream next to your cake. 😀

  15. Hey there polar. I inadvertantly deleted the post asking for more information on the bird! Luckily, I was able to see your very helpful comment first. Looking forward to reading around on your blog. Thanks for stopping by SE.

  16. Qazse,
    Sorry I got back here so slow. It must be catchy. Thank you for your very complimentary words. I’m still not sure what she sees in me but she does as she pleases. And am I ever so grateful. Dobry Qazse.

    Lady Sorrow,
    What “hill”? What do you know? Who you been talking too? ;p

    Surface Earth,
    Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad to have you as a visitor. I don’t have any cool Hawk pictures like you but I do have a picture of cows on the sidebar. I’ll try to do better soon. You’re alway welcome here. Dobry Den.

  17. Polar, I hope all is well with you and yours this holiday. Peace.

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