Wednesday’s Woodland Walk #8

July 29, 2009



Bear Tracks 1

Strolling along the side of the road

Bear Tracks 2

Full grown adult

American Black Bear

Bear Tracks hand

I found some smaller tracks up the road

(My hand for comparison)


Soul without a Shadow.jpg



  1. Wow, I would be glad you only ran across the foot prints. LOL

    Sounds pretty close to town or am I mistaken? I am just trying to imagine who is in who’s backyard, you or the bear.

    Thanks for sharing the walk, makes me want to go along.

    • Thanks for the concern. However I do plan on meeting said bears. This area is in the bluffs overlooking the River, about 30 minutes north of here.

      On a side note…The next door neighbor said she saw a bear out back last week but no one else saw it. There are plenty of bear in this county. What worries me are all the bee hives (including mine) around here. Bad mix.

  2. Thanks for posting your Hand, otherwise we might have thought it was Your Footie prints!

    • Ha! Wouldn’t that be something! I really hope to meet this bear. Some scouting is in order.

  3. So exiting and also must be quite a large bear..BTW hope this link works re your last story I saw this and thought of it..and your idea.

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