5 Things for me

November 27, 2007

I have been tagged by Miss Harley Quinn over at Wild Hare to produce a list of “5 gifts I would buy for myself this Christmas if I had “Unlimited” income”. If it has to be for me than here it is:

1). I would buy every ounce of chocolate, all the cocoa plantations, & every business that makes chocolate. Thereby guaranteeing my complete control over all of the women on Earth. BWHA-HA-HAAAA!! I’ll do it just as soon as I finish a couple of chores my wife gave me. She also wants me to run some errands for her too. Of course, she said by the time I get back she’ll have some more for me. BUT as soon as that’s all done I’ll be in control!….providing the wife gives me permission first. I’ll probably have to clean the cat box or something…aw-man. I hate that.

2). I will pay Bill Watterson any price he names to start writing “Calvin & Hobbs” again. Did you hear that Bill. ANY PRICE!! Your panels can be any size you want. You want more vacation? You got it! You want to set your own deadlines? You got it! I will personally see that you get 365 different editors that all report to you. That way you can fire 1 a day for a whole year! Alright Bill,…Just Name Your Price! You’ll Get It!

3). I would buy every castle on Earth. Renovate, restore, & rebuild all of them. I’d make many of them free public museums and the others as bed & breakfasts. I, of course, would take turns living in many of them especially Harlech Castle in Wales.

4). The best equipment for my wood shop and classes at Arrowmont school of Arts & Crafts.

5). House Mountain in Rockbridge county, VA. Here I would grow old in a Cedar-sided house.


Well there’s my list. Thank you Harley for the fun. I now bestow the the fun upon Chantal over at Ain’t Life Strange? if she can ever find the time.

Dobre Den.



  1. My stars and garters, you picked some truly great ones. Henceforth shall I refer to you as the Chocolate Czar? *l* On #2, I’d be so willing to pool my unlimited funding with yours and if Bill says no, we can clone him! #3 Can I visit? You’ll always be welcome at Althorp and we can go talk with Princess Diana on Saturdays. #4 I woodwork too…how nifty is that! I built a hutch with my son for the kitchen (very Amish looking) and am planning a headboard for my daughter after the new year. And #5…loved the link and the history notes. I fell in love with Virginia all over again reading Rita Mae Brown’s books, especially her fox hunting series. I grew up in Maryland and loved driving aimlessly around Virginia. The mountains there hold such memories and mysteries.

  2. Darth Chocolate! Thats just cruel! But if you can get Bill back at his desk you can have all my chocolate!

  3. Next time I visit your site, I should pour a glass of wine first. It is like chilling on the couch or the tile entry way with a great glass of German wine and an even better friend.

  4. Follow the link to see Chantal’s 5 things. You might want to grab your favorite coffee mug & pack a suitcase first.

  5. Miss Harley Quinn,
    The wife pooh-poohed #1. She said me cleaning the basement comes first. Oh well.
    That is nifty! There’s nothing like sawdust, power tools, & a project to really relax a person.
    I spent 6 months working near House MT and need to find my way back. Thanks for the Tag. Have fun with your man servant. Dobre Den

    Do you suppose a clone of Bill writing C&H would be copy write infringement? Not that I wouldn’t take it anyway. Thanks for stopping by. Dobre Rano

  6. MMWW,
    I recommend any Spatlese, Auslese, Riesling, or Liebfraumilch! I have a swing bench on the porch that would do fine. A joy to hear from you, much love, Aqua Bona Est.

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