Chasing the Equatorial Horizon

January 9, 2012


Walking in a circle

revisiting each step

again and again

Ad infinitum


Ending and beginning

in the Chasm

Highpoint of memory

bottomless in despair


If if virtue is gold

my soul is poor

each revolution

refilling the pit with debt


In it collects the runoff

of apprehension and fear

as a cauldron of doubt

and crucible for folly


yet at the edge again

by my choice

i bring myself

wan and bridgeless


Though after the crossing

as i emerge and walk yet away

am i really leaving

or beginning the trip back




  1. I was compelled to leave a comment.
    I know you are in your winter mood
    in the cocoon of despair that makes you feel miles away.
    I know all the things that you “blame” for where you are.
    Perhaps, just perhaps, If you can find the things to be grateful for, instead of the things that bring you down?
    Perhaps if you look at what is in the cup, instead of the volume?
    I would have the magic elixir to bring you joy, but my spells only work on me…

  2. It seems you recognize the pattern and the path of the circle and yet you haven’t trusted yourself enough to walk straight forward. The path ahead be it straight, up or down is hard but do you really think it can be any harder then continuing in circles?

    I jumped off a circular trail recently…it was hard. Myself I think staying on the circle would have been harder on my soul.

    I hope you find your new beginning.

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