January 5, 2011


For long now

I have watched


Rail against

So many



Will question

Their brother

Question their elders

Question their leaders

Question their culture

Question their world

Question their god

Question life


Yet too few

Have i seen

Who first

Question themselves





  1. Makes one ask and think. If I questioned that first – I might judge others less…

    • Well, Hi Anne,

      People can often sacrifice opportunity, generosity, graciousness, and mercy in order to see themselves stand above others.

      in this piece i’m commenting on blinders; cerebral blinders. The mentality found in those that follow an unquestioned path. A formulaic path created by an entity or institution that has ‘uses’ for its followers. As apposed to a path formed by a Soul. A soul seeking what it is that completes that soul. Balance, strength, grace, joy, etc….

      These people who adorn themselves with these blinders see in only one direction. Live lives without a periphery. Perhaps this eases the tribulations of life for them yet they curse much of what is beyond their depth. Fear what they elect to avoid. In time hating what is different. They question the values and worth of anything unlike themselves. Secure in the concept that only they are right. That wrongness can only come from the world outside of them.

      Am i being ungracious in stating this?

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