Changing Compass

August 23, 2010

It seems to me that

when one is lost

All directions

lead toward the Wrong Way

Burdened with aimlessness

An individual may find comfort

in their present location

Hanging the ‘Home sweet Home’ sign


When over the horizon one can see

A destination,

Do All directions then lead

To that goal




  1. Perfectly said and lovely indeed.

    c – Thank you for your comment. I’ve been wordless for a while now. It’s good to seed some familiar faces. This came about because the Wife did it for me again. She walked up to me and said, “Your Path leads this way. Let’s go!”. With the light of her statement I saw the hole I’d dug myself into.

    I still can’t believe she signed up for this…

  2. It is amazing to have such a wonderful person walking with you down the road. Sometimes they even toss you the rope and drag you back out of the weeds.

    Love the writing but delighted by the comments.

    immwia – Hey you!
    I tell you these roads are getting rockier all the time. She’s a blessing indeed. As are you!

  3. Beautiful ~ I can hear the bells ring in this one ~ Its a blessing to know you both and to see the road unfold before us. My wish on the stars, is to be able sit round a fire with you all one night and watch the two of you and see the light from the flames flicker and warm us all with love and light ~

    • Sorry about not being around the blog much. The mind has made a stranger out if itself.
      Love the visual. If it wasn’t for the distance there would have been a fire already. HOWEVER, due to rain our New Years Bonfire was postponed. So when we do have it in the next week or two we’ll put out a chair for you. There might even be an extra shot of Glenfiddich thrown back too…

  4. Whether your writings are sparse or abundant, you always bring such clarity and soul to your words. This was a special musing to share with us, and I’m glad to have wandered back here. Blessings beyond belief to you and your family in 2011!

    • “Sparse” is a kind word. I’ve spent most of the year Hunting peace. Things, however, turned out just fine.

      Wishing all good things to You & Yours. A Happy New Year to your family as well. May 2011 bring you peace, balance, & light.

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