Buzz Kill

July 12, 2010

I can’t get high

Or should I say

Nothing gets me high


Alcohol helps me not care

But only for a few hours

I never feel anything good

I only feel numb

Weed doesn’t do it either

It may help me get away for a while

But upon returning i find

The world hasn’t gone anywhere

Stress pills are a complete joke

yeah they give me a lift

But only up to the Factory approved level

Slowly destroying the body

The hard stuff

Screw that garbage

Even the wandering blind can see

A shovel helps dig six feet down

The T.V

I don’t want enslavement

Babies who see it before they speak

Die of cancer on an assembly line


Ahh, the reason Why

But i’ve never had trouble with Why

It’s How i can’t get my head around

The wood shop sounds good

But the only reason i’m in there

Is because I can’t afford a contractor

So it’s really only more work

The hobbies couldn’t do it either

The many hours & dollars of work

Over these past years

Add up to Zero success

The days of celebration

Not even close

Either no one participates

Or i’m busy with someone’s problems

Music is the closest so far

Mixed with an open road

Driving 85 mile per hour

Singing as loud as i want

But that only lasts until some jackass

blocks the fast lane while passing a truck

doing the Factory approved speed limit

For what seems like rest of Time

I don’t want my fire to be big

I don’t care if it warms anyone

I don’t need it to last forever

I just want it not to be pissed on

It’s been put out so many times now

I can’t feel any heat

Even if there is plenty of tinder left

I’m having a hard time finding my flint



  1. embers, warm but not glowing…
    ((((LOVE YOU))))))

  2. I am always up for a flint hunt. “I love to camp, I love to camp, I love to camp.” You name the place and I will be there to look for my fire while you locate your flint.

    Hugs and love to you polar.

  3. sigh….made me sad… 😦 hope things are better??

  4. Ah, when ones heart hurts, it is indeed hard to find that spark.
    Yet it resides deep within each of us, when we realize we can refuse to continue to be broken, after all…

    • Hi Anne,

      Yes, good point. Conditioned responses are their own evil.

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