Peak Color in the Back Woods

October 26, 2009

There are still a few trees holding on to their green.  But by the time they turn color most other trees will have dropped.  There are also several bare trees in the woods even now.

– – –

Back woods 1

Yellow Buckeye

backwoods 2

Wood pile



Soul without a Shadow.jpg



  1. What a wonderful replacement for the Wednesday walk. I really enjoyed these shots and could look at them for a few months if need be. Thanks for changing.

  2. I wanted to also tell you the “firewood” and bee hive shots are my VERY favorites.

    The colors are amazing and make me miss a camp I went to once.

    The name is on the tip of my tongue….

    Love you.

  3. How about some snow shots for the first day of winter?


  4. Wow, what beautiful, beautiful shots. You’ve made me want to go into the woods tomorrow!

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