The Mantel Cracked

June 20, 2009


A timber house built by a calloused hand

The numb hand that built the stone hearth

The foundation of both laid on uneven ground

By a hand too tempted  by haste to mind

Too few nails joining plank to beam

Nor enough mortar to bed stone

Too much need makes way for mindless haste

Always the less in building the less in standing

The hand no more careless than its mind

A mind lost in need unaware of spirit

Spiritless homestead where children dare be born

In a home that has need yet not time

No time for nurturing by the light of the hearth

Soulless fire giving no warmth yet stoking want

A fireplace lacking the ability to feed the souls

of the family starving within the uneven home

Leaving only ghosts who wanted for so much

That the Mantel cracked beneath the load


Cracked Mantel

Soul without a Shadow.jpg



  1. Groovin’ on the poetry, Polar. Keep up the good verse.

    • Zentress – Well Thanks for stopping by & for the kind words. Dobry Den.

  2. I loved this and will need to come back to it again…
    it makes me think of old crofts abandoned on hillside after the clearances in Scotland..but also makes me think of hasty relationships as well..not looking into a strong foundation of intimacy and looking for an outside fix..So maybe its a mirror for a way I have been..
    But that is how good poetry should be, like great Art you should be able to step into it, its true dimensional breathings.. just like this ruin tower of stones/ sculptor and see its many dimensions and also see parts of your self reflected back to me …as you may see yourself also..You have a way of writing that slows down the eye, to me that is a true gift, like the eastern art of calligraphy, I have to go with the shape of your words as well as the resonances.. I have to slow down and breathe….thank you for the space..and the light here..

    I do go on, don’t I 🙂 xx You are still my hero

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