January 29, 2009


On the Path

the trail ends

no more steps

On the Mountain

Trekking up the Mountain

my mountain

The Path will eventually end

my path

The time comes

my time

To carve new steps

my steps


End all progression

my end

Stand still treelike

my stillness

Cast a shadow down the Mountain

my shadow

Hiding the paths of the journey

my hiding

from the Sun

It’s the Treeline

It’s why so many Great Mountains

Are bare at the Summit


quod erat demonstrandum.jpg



  1. Love the post. It makes a person wonder where the inspiration came from.

    Been walking any labyrinth’s lately?

    Love you Polar.

    immwia – I was watching my favorite muse walk up her Path. Love you, mean it.

  2. Deep and reflective, zen like, I like, very much . Hope you are well and content Mr Polar. Tis I who was formally mermaidsmuse now I am more earth/land bound ( I hope)

    Wild Wolf – Thank you. I may be too content. I’m not asking enough questions anymore. Maybe a few warm sunny days can bring me out of my slumber. I wishing you well. Dobry.

  3. This reminds me of the Allman Brothers’ song “Everybody’s Got A Mountain To Climb”.

    This was a beautiful expression, Polar, very evocative.

    Chantal – Thank you. I’m watching someone close to me move with the rhythms. She’s at a point of decision. I’m trying to be the cheerleader.
    I’m working back into the swing of things. I have much reading to do. Great to hear from you. Dobry.

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