Wednesday’s Woodland Walk

September 10, 2008


Woolly Aphids dancing on a Beech limb




  1. Oh! That’s a symphony!  Yes I now have high-speed & can see all of those wonderful videos you put up on your blog without the sound & image cutting away every 2 seconds.  I know aphids are icky pesty bugs, but this shows them all shimmery & sparkling & wondrous.  It’s all in the way you behold things.  Not that I would want them on my plants. 


    Chantal – Yes I agree. I don’t like the little buggers at all. I’m not even sure of what their doing here. For the past couple of weeks I seen them in these masses. The Beech probably isn’t enjoying it. Still, It’s easy on the eye.

    Congrats on the hi-speed. Now you can get spam fifty times faster! YAY! Dobry.

  2. ok…city girl talking here….those are actually bugs right?? interesting…are they actually making that noise or is that background? and what exactly are they doing? havin a party?

    Irish – The background sounds are the Cicadas. That’s all one can hear in the woods these days. What these aphids are doing is beyond me. I know they’re parasitizing the tree. I’m not sure why they’re dancing. Probably some mating thing? I don’t know.

    Good to hear from you. Take care. Dobry.

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