Wednesdays Woodland Walk

August 27, 2008


That’ll do Donkey!

Where's Shrek?

Who let the Cows Out?

Gate crashers!




  1. I would risk being mooooold over by a cow to change places with you.

    Love the pics polar.

    immwia – We need another adventure. More doing, less driving. I still have my paintbrush.

  2. Ha! Wonderful shots! I love the donkey.

    Chantal – The donkey didn’t like me driving through the pasture. There was a better picture in my rear view mirror of it glaring at me. But how do get a pict of that?

  3. There is a field near here which has 6 donkeys in. I say hello to them every time I pass. I think donkeys are just wonderful.
    Cows are just well cows and I have no views on them!
    In two minutes it will be time for the Canada Goose!!!

    Fire Byrd – Honk…honk! Geese honk right? The best part is that you know it’s late, or early, by the bird sound. No real need to see the time. I hear the Owl, time for bed.
    Hoping all is well your way. Dobry Den.

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