Dante’s Tours

August 13, 2008

Welcome to Life

Where the lucky

Are hurt young

And the unfortunate

Die numb

Have a seat

It’ll take you through

I’ll start you as a child

Warm & new

You will




and die

Make people happy

Or ruin their lives

I promise you’ll like it

And the price is fair

Pay me anyway you like

For I haven’t a care

The rules can change

Though without notice

You can bet anything

That’ll teach you what hope is



  1. Profoundly poignant, Polar.. wow. This is really good!

    Janet – Thank you for the alliteration & the kind words. It’s my first shot at verse. I enjoyed it and must try more. Dobry.

  2. Hope…. where would we be without it.
    ‘specially when there’s nothing else left.

    Fire Byrd – You are right. Hope always seems to be the last door before Doom & Dawn. Thank you. May your Heron fly ever higher.

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