Plea before the Bench

August 12, 2008


Blank page

Before my eyes again

Challenger of my Soul

Is it you that guides me

Towards fate

Will you be my judge

In the end

Sarcasm    Dreams

Hate    Love

Apathy    Religion

Drool    Wisdom

Upon your skin

I testify

Of these things

I am guilty

Who I am

and what I’ve done

For good

And the bad

Whether you acquit me

Or condemn

I thank you

Though not for your verdict

As much as you presence

You dear page

Who bears my weight

When I cannot


  1. Grateful to the burden..
    I like That..
    I am enjoying your plethora of writing these days my friend!
    When words leave me, they seem to have roosted in your hands.

    Lady Sorrow – May I treat them as well as you do.

  2. This came to me after reading c.A.hughes post over at All The Elbows. Thank you C.

  3. There is so much to love about this piece: paper as skin, a witness, a challenge, a presence.

    And that close! That close is just what it is, what it does- bearing us! You took the idea of writer’s block and turned it upside down, inside out. i love the depths you’ve reached here. Good, good work, Polar.

    c – Well Thanks! I’m wondering about a piece where a dark poet ties down a sheet of paper and slowly inks his manifesto with a needle or something. Like a tattoo of sin.

  4. I really like the wisdom and truth in this poem, Polar, as much as c’s turn at the angst bellows against writer’s block: “We need to rise up against the blank page! Solidarity! Revolution!” I like how inspiration can bounce from one person to another and inspire creativity. Viva la idee!!

    Janet – The Blank Page, both testament & bane. I’m fighting Block right now as hard as I can. Hoping more idea’s come to me. I’d like to post as many days in a row as I can. We’ll see. Thank you.

  5. oh my goodness Polar…that took my breath away…I had no idea.. 🙂

    Irish – That’s OK. Sometimes neither do I!?

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