Stalked by Anger

August 11, 2008

Climbing a mountain high

Loose stones fall

In the bright blinding Sun

The stones become hot

Dust and sharp fragments

Choke     Bruise     Distract

Uncertain of footing

I  wander from the path

To a most familiar predator

On this ground I am prey

My heart begins to race

As it crawls near

My eyes wrestle it’s silhouette

From behind splintered stone

A face so vermin like

With red matted hair

Like a chameleon

In it’s holocaustic terrain

A living sore

In a blasted volcanic world


But sensing my awareness

Our roles then reverse

It cannot strike fear

Into what it cannot surprise

And in the light of day

It’s smallness is laughable

I look it in the eye

Show that I’m not afraid

I’m not so lost

That I cannot find my path

Yet spitting acidic vitriol

That stains then burns

Attacking in it’s retreat

Scurrying back into hiding

I cup the wound and rinse it

In clear cool water

Only a momentary flinch

Leaving not even a mark

I have avoided it’s bite

And weathered the poison

Looking over my shoulder

I see back to my path

The creature and I

Will soon dance again

For it ever tracts me

Always in my shadow



  1. This is your best to date! The imagery, the emotion, the way it unfolds, it pulls you in and leaves no doubt. The demon anger wages war with so many of us.
    You have captured the essence of a moments confrontation beautifully…

    Lady Sorrow – Thank you for that. Anger forever my nemesis eternally tormenting me. And I can’t even get angry about it. Where’s the justice. Dobry.

  2. very powerful words, that took me to the heart of feeling

    Fire Byrd – So wonderful to have you stop by. Thank you for your comment. With all the experience I have with Anger one would think I should know to master it. Oddly It has as much experience with me. It’s simple really. 1).I become enraged that the universe dares not cater to my needs. 2).The universe slaps me for being a piss ant. Mystery solved.
    Glad to hear from you. Hope all is well your way. Dobry Den.

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