Wednesdays Woodland Walk

May 14, 2008


This is to show how docile black snakes are. You can pick them up with relative ease. The worst thing that they’ll do is to skunk you. They will produce a musky oil on their skin which gets on you when handling them. To get it off requires only a few washings of the hands & arms. I’ve never had one try to bit me. They prefer to escape by speed or burrowing. I would have liked to pick this guy up to give you the full tour. However, this is in a large poison-ivy patch. Not a good place to tangle with snake. Enjoy.



  1. Black snake – cool
    Bee hive lesson – one for the books if I can get up off the floor from rolling around laughing. Thanks for at least censoring the picture that might have been too much for me.

    Thanks Polar 🙂

  2. I so love snakes…
    sure miss the one I had as a pet for 17 years..miss being called the snake lady…and the looks i got.
    Good snake
    please snake
    don’t bite me snake…

  3. immwia,
    Hey darlin’. In all honesty it was to much for me to. Talk about getting a fire lit under your ass!

    Lady Sorrow,
    “If you wanna talk to the Lord
    You gotta shake a snake…”

  4. ok…city girl again….eeeewwww!!! kind of the same feeling that I would get wondering if I was going to wake up in the morning with a snake foot warmer when I would come to visit.. 🙂

    Irish – Sadly Janus has past. BUT! between my bee hives & the local bear population I’m sure we can arrange for some sort of foot warmer. 😀

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