Can’t take it back

May 1, 2008

At the speed of sound

Are words etched in this moment

Forever branded



  1. I like this one. It reminds me of how I feel when I say something I immediately regret and wish I could take back, but can’t, because it’s “forever branded”. I feel that “phsssshhhh” sound of the hot iron when it makes contact. Too late.

  2. I don’t know, it all comes back to perspective. You may say it and carry a burden from your words, while the world around you may have let those same words travel past them on the wind. It is to me, like a memory, unique from each persons perspective.

  3. Sorry Polar, I felt like there was one more thing I wanted to say.

    Maybe you aren’t suppose to take it back anyway. Maybe it needed to be said and you just haven’t figured out why?

    I however, may still be stuck with my head up my ass. Overthinking everything as the world rushes by.

  4. Chantal,
    I like the “I feel that “phsssshhhh” sound” comment. I’m sure I hear it too. I can be vicious with words & damned for it. Please don’t take me for a Barbarian though. I’m not walking around cussing at people all day. Occasionally the dam (the one I made) will burst and I pop like a grape. That’s what I get for holding back the Water. Silly me, when will I learn to deal with issues NOW and not put then off for later. Dobry Rano.

    There’s much to the theory that we as individuals must accept responsibility over what we allow ourselves to be offended by. However, when I specifically choose a certain word that I KNOW will do the most damage I think I can be held accountable for the belligerence. As much as I’d like to be an Island I do not think we are.

    To whether it was something that needed to be said is without question. Yet, I would rather favor a calmer recitation of grievances than to the throwing-screaming-lightning-into-a-fiery-sky method. With the shortage of thinking in this world, myself included, you can over-think all you want. I’ll take it. Love ya mean it. Dobry.

  5. Polar,

    Thanks for your kind words. I was out of town recently and the one thing I did not do enough of was hug trees. There is a silent strength about trees. I was busy elsewhere, but the trees were and are in my thoughts. I wonder if in their quite reflections they feel ignored or neglegeted. Sometimes the world goes by around them and I find later a sadness for not sharing my thanks to them for the shade and refuse they provide to me and others.

    Sometimes it isn’t what we say but it is what we do not say. I haven’t picked a word I know will do deliberate harm, lately, but there are things I leave and have left unsaid. I must be held accountable for them. I know it isn’t exactly the same but you seemed like a soul I could share this secret with. You rather remind me of the trees I miss so dearly. Thank you for having a place that allowed me the freedom to express this. You have offered me a place of shade and refuse. Love you right back. Choos.

  6. immwia,
    Certainly, my pleasure! 😉

  7. Brilliant.

  8. Writer Chick,
    Thank you. I wish I could be thoughtful WHEN I’m upset instead of AFTER I’m done yelling.

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