Unreasonable & Yelling

April 30, 2008

I’m assigning blame

To common imperfections

Hand picked illusion



  1. Ouch.

  2. Lady Sorrow,
    Essentially I become a myopic bastard when I get angry.

  3. Are you only myopic when you are angry? That would be a luxury for me, it seems I am a “myopic bitch” whenever I venture beyond myself into the world at large.

  4. So true…so true!!

    Good to see your words again!

  5. immwia,
    Now, now, let’s not jump off the edge. I believe we all have our bubble of comfort. It make sense to be in a defensive posture when we walk out of it. I have three defensive strategies:
    1).You’re only breathing because I’ve not killed you yet. (my SEAL Team 3 face)
    2).My I.Q is under 40 don’t waste your time talking to me. (my dumb man face)
    3).Capitan Amiable ‘Says everything with a smile’. (my bartender face)

    Am I bad for not being genuine all the time? I don’t think so. After all I’m me and that’s what people get. I use these persona’s as tools to navigate through other peoples limitations. If you find yourself a little bitchy then perhaps the ‘non-bubble’ people around you just need a good slap to get them moving. You know the jockey with the fastest horse in the world still wears spurs. People are like that.

    Oh yeah there’s the Invisible persona too. Watching me pull that off is right comical. 😉

    Gypsy Heart,
    Yeah I can get ugly like a pro, & when I say pro I mean ‘child’. I wonder if anger is nothing more than the belief that everything is supposed to go our way interrupted by reality? Since I’ve been angry often lately perhaps I should call an audible and change my plans. I suppose that if you painted ANGER you’d use up a years supply of ocher in one piece. Goodness don’t do that! Dobry Den.

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