Wednesdays Woodland Walk

March 5, 2008

At the beaver dam

The Water is flowing & the Spring Peepers are peeping

quod erat demonstrandum.jpg


  1. This was great. Love the sounds of the water and all the little critters in the background.

    A man after my own heart.

  2. It made me think of April and canoes to come.

    Big hugs and smiles from a far.

    Thanks for sharing a walk.

  3. Hawk,
    This is a new feature here in the Court. My posts aren’t very consistent but snapping off a few picts each week while at work should be simple enough. Glad you liked it.

    This would have been better if I found it last fall but I didn’t. I’ll probably check it out again next November.

  4. Polar, you need not to worry about your consistency of posting. Our participation in blog land is dependent on one fundamental secret of success; there is no secret.

    Each of us do what we are willing, able, and capable of offering; time, availability, and life, work and family, always seem to be the priority. Blogging is rather nebulous and becomes subordinate. Though I enjoy the activity of sharing among my many favorites, my approach is now rather simple. I do when I can and that’s it. If you don’t post for awhile, I say so what.

    Always love my retreats to your haunt. Actually, there is something to be said about “less is more” or something like that.

    I’ll see you when I see you and when I do, it’s always good, my friend.


  5. Spring!
    Now there is a pleasant sound,don’t suppose you could loose the crackling fire and get those peepers singing instead?

  6. Hawk,
    Thaaank you. I blog in spurts without warning. My mood decides it for me. I gave up forcing myself to write. I figure when I want to say something I will write. Otherwise I get frustrated & pissed off. And I don’t need no stinkin’ bad mood.

    Lady Sorrow,
    Nah, I like the sounds of Winter too much. Now if only I could get the sound of sleet hitting beech leaves dried to their branches that would be cool.

  7. Bear, You are welcome! I’m very similar in this same regard. Man, you better watch out calling Sorrow a ‘Lady’ LOL! She may just jump over state lines and give you a whoopin’ (as I ROFL-LMAO). I love the sounds and deafening quiet of winter too, particularly when there is several feet of powder blanketing the ground, and the trees looks as though vanilla icing has been drizzled all about. There is a tranquil quality; a meditative prayer like state I experience when walking among the woods during this season. Certainly one of my favorite periods of the year.


  8. Now Hawk, Be nice, I have so many of you Boys Calling me “Lady Sorrow” That I have just given up and thrown my hands in the air.
    Polar sweetie, you can call me whatever you want..don’t listen to that pigeon eating bird!

  9. Hawk, Lady Sorrow,
    Do I have to separate you two kids? Can’t we all just get along! LOL

  10. Allow me to correct you my dear Bohemian Spirit. Not just a bird but a bird but a bird of prey; preferable noted as a carnivorous raptor. Pigeons, chipmunks, mice, rats, or anything else that is appealing to these eyes, LOL!

  11. This was so sweet to see and hear…I felt like I stepped into your world.

    I am not sure we have many beavers here ..I wonder if the alligators eat them?

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