Mana from the Bloggosphere

March 5, 2008


I subscribe to some blogs because they offer poetry, others for inspiring photos, many for shared life experiences. Well Melinda from Inspiraculum has Poetry, Photos, & my favorite experience, food. She posted a recipe for Bacon & Egg Pie. “If your happy and you know it clap your hands!” So, with much groveling & begging I got The Wife to make it for me. Why didn’t I cook the dish? I burn water that’s why. Moving right along . . Melinda calls for a single sheet of Puff Pastry. We, or The Wife that is, used two sheets so as to be enough for four servings. The dish was a Home Run and will be seen again and again for years to come. Thank you Melinda. *For those about to Indulge. We salute you*


One comment

  1. Who would have thought..? But it sure does look mighty delicious. Care to share that recipe, Polar? Mmmm..mmm..good, I’m sure..:)

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