Valentine’s Day or Where’s my bullet proof vest

February 15, 2008

heart-balloon.jpg My daughter’s school was closed on Valentines Day because of snow. Which means she won’t be receiving any valentines from her class mates. Being Dad, it falls on me to get her the only valentine she will receive today. On the way home from work I stop at the store to do some shopping. I find a sweet little heart shaped balloon which will be worth more to her than all the gold in the world. Its cost is two dollars. So, at a quarter past five in the afternoon on Valentines day I buy an “I love you” balloon for two bucks at the supermarket. At sixteen past five in the afternoon on Valentines day I get the “I hope she kills you in your sleep” look from the cashier at the supermarket. Well at least I made my daughters day…

I’m such a puttz!



  1. Polar, how much great of a daddy thing could you have done. The cashier probably thought you were getting something at the last minute for your wife. Perhaps, she was just in a lousy mood because she didn’t have anyone to share the day with. Who knows? Who cares?

    You did a great thing. Thanks for the delightful read.

  2. I agree with Hawk, the cashier probably thought you were getting something last minute for a girlfriend or wife. I personally hate alot of the Valentines day hype. It’s great for kids and nice to exchange Valentines but this expectation of jewelry and elaborate gifts by women is sickening. My son got 3 valentines from girls at school,(he’s 14) and that was interesting.

  3. Even if you were getting something at the last minute, I dare say its better than nothing. And balloons are so much fun…you can suck the helium out and talk funny…or you can leave it in your room for weeks on end and watch it deflate (my daughter’s preferred method)…you could attach a message and send it into the great wild yonder…the cashier has no appreciation for giving…on time, better late than never, almost too late or otherwise. 🙂

  4. That balloon will live on in her memory long after the helium has escaped….and your thoughtfulness trumps any nasty-plastic-faced cashier. When you love someone, any way you express it is a treasure that you’re giving. What a wonderful thing to give to your daughter, the true meaning of “It’s the thought that counts….”. When she’s older, she’ll have many thoughtful gifts from you to reflect on….

  5. You know, I can’t help but wonder what is going on in that person’s life that makes them respond in such a way. I will often get pissy back (not exactly the right attitude!) but then, when I get some distance (usually my car) I’ll pray for whatever is troubling or causing that person grief. While we may never know the answer or reason for their attitude, a simple prayer of peace certainly couldn’t hurt!

  6. Hawk,
    The guy ahead of me had three balloons & flowers. And his balloons were bigger than mine. I can’t win.

    The Wife bought me a chainsaw for our first Valentine’s Day so we’re not as typical around here. You know my son (15 yrs) did not mention what, or if, he received anything. I’ll have to interrogate him…

    Yeah, yeah, that’s it “On time” I should have told her that as I paid out. Of course then I’d be posting about getting slapped or worse. Kroger hath no fury like a cashier scorned!

    She walks around using the balloon like a wand. Bestowing magical kisses to The Wife & I. The next day school was open again and she got all the valentines she could handle. Plus more sugar sweets that she should have had. Most of all that is gone now, But she still plays with the balloon.

    I agree she was probable angry about something before I got there. Fortunately she did her job without comment. Just the ‘look’. I was more alienated that upset. My daughter fixed that in a hurry. A prayer for her would not be a bad thing but I just as soon not lift a finger for her. She gets to live her life and I need not ever deal with her again. Is that bad? I guess it depends on how much responsibility I want to accept. I’ll claim my actions but I don’t expect people to explain themselves to me. I am not their judge. I can fight or walk away. I don’t feel a need to change peoples minds. I’d just rather they not include me in their plans.
    Wow, all this over a balloon? Thanks.

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