Huh…W-w-what the Hell!

January 24, 2008


        So I’m driving around again today. Moving down the road at a good clip. 100 yards between me and the person in front of me. More or less in the slot. When, of course some schmuck pulls in ahead of me off a side road. Naturally he is in no hurry to get anywhere but in front on me. So my groove goes down in flames and I’m stuck behind someone who can only drive as fast as they think. SLOW. Yeah yeah, I know it happens everyday, quite bitching. Fortunately I was armed with (Easy it ain’t what you think) very calm music recommended to me by Mermaids Muse. Sooo I deal with it. Until. The guy ahead of me pulls out an object in his one hand. He begins to rub it on his head. Odd! “Hey!, he looks like he’s bald“. “No wait, he’s…he’s…shav…shaving….he’s shaving his head!?“. This cat was shaving his egg while driving in front of me? How good of a trim is that gonna Goddamn be? I want to know what this guy’s nickname at work is. I can see him standing at the water cooler talking to his fellow employees with patches of missed stubble sticking out of his pickle, “Hey Chess Board did you catch the game last night“. Or maybe, “Good night everyone. Drive home safely. Especially you Crabgrass!“. I have nothing against baldness (He probably has hair but cuts it off). One side of my family is bald or balding. They do not, however, shave whats left on their noggins while cutting people off in traffic. They may not have hair but they got brains. Just Damn!




  1. Thank you for letting me be the co-pilot on your drive. How about if we call him “egg McMuffin”?

  2. There wasn’t a ‘Hawk’ logo on his ride anywhere? Just kidding, Hawk says he drives like a bat out of Hell…

  3. woohoo nearly a bit of road rage there my friend..I do believe someone was shaving his face while driving in this country and it was on the pappers as he was stopped and charged and I may be wrong but I think he( shaving man) was a police man! There was also a head of traffic copper caught doing over a hundred miles an hour up the M1 recently. I think the road is the equivilant of the jousting arena except less honourable..glad I dont use it, shanks pony for me I’m afraid. Glad you have Snatam..would love to send you some mp3’s of her just have to figure out how as I have bought her on itunes and not sure how to send em.. bye for now…namaste

  4. I am quite the multi-tasker, but shaving while driving…thats really pushing it. Sounds like its a bit dangerous driving in your neck of the woods. 🙂

  5. Sorrow, I ain’t be bald.

    Polar, if opportunity presented itself (I would have created such a condition), I would have pulled up next to him somewhere, and said, “Excuse me! Do you think it likely you would be more courteous to others on the road or drive with closer approximation to posted speed limit if that razor of yorin was STUCK UP YOUR ASS!”

    He wouldn’t be a viable candidate for a post with the NTSB.

    So, tell us Bear Man, what were you truly feeling? LOL!


  6. immwia,
    How about egg McMoron. Tell ya what. Next time you drive. That way I can watch as you put him in the wall on turn 3. Love ya mean it. Aqua bona est.

    Lady Sorrow,
    Definitely NOT Hawk. Hawk would’ve come in on that helicopter of his (sans the girl) & hit this d@#kweed with the chain gun & rockets!

    Your music actually saved my temper on this one. Going off like a bomb really doesn’t help me any does it. Its funny that you mentioned the cat going 100 mph on the M1. For I must confess. Last time I was on the M4 traveling back to London from Pembroke I was in a hurry. A big hurry for it was late & we had to be at Heathrow early the next morning. Sooo I went somewhat faster than usual. I promise I never broke above 105 mph, I promise. Please don’ hate me to much. Sorry about that. Dobry Noc.

    Yes it does. Funny thing is that it’s not my fault it’s dangerous this time. There goes my reputation. Oh well. Of course I could do him like I did that guy in Alabama two years ago…Naaa. I do wish I got video of this cat cause it would be funny to watch.

    I have commented right here under your name 3 times now and WordPress or something keeps erasing it. So right now I’d like to do to WordPress what I should have done to that head shaving moron. Thanks for the comment. I liked your idea. I should ‘ve done it. Maybe next time. Dobry.

  7. Please don’ hate me to much. Sorry about that. Dobry Noc.
    ?? I dont hate you! I dont really like motorways and cars and all that. I look forward to dematerialising when I am 102 years of age ( it may be sooner that they break into that little invention who knows…anyway its all a parrallel universe anyway) and coming to vist you for a cup of coffee…re music if you like choral ( hildegard is playing so i suspect you find it soothing) I recommend this*****
    ***Tallis was a master of polyphony, that is music with more than one melodic line happening simultaneously. One of the finest examples of this is the motet **Spem in Alium,** written for 40 voices split into eight choirs of five. The first 20 voices all enter with exactly the same phrase, making what is known as imitative entries, before the next 20 voices enter with new material. All the parts come together finally in harmony. This piece produces a magical effect. Although one of his minor tunes (the third of a set of nine written in 1567 for Archbishop of Canterbury, Matthew Parker’s Psalter, and which did not even receive the dignity of a separate name), it was used by Ralph Vaughan-Williams as the theme in his Fantasia On A Theme Of Thomas Tallis when he was compiling the English Hymnal. This is one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever composed.

    Tallis wrote many anthems, short religious choral pieces in English, and motets, similar to anthems but in Latin. A well known shorter anthem is If ye love me, keep my commandments. These days Tallis’s anthems are often used in the Anglican service of Evensong.

    Tallis lived at the time when printed music was just becoming possible, and as a result a very substantial body of work survives, notably many anthems for liturgical use (he was a pioneer of the anthem in England) but also separate works such as his Lamentations of Jeremiah. Tallis and Byrd held the sole license for the publication of ecclesiastical music.*** I am not a religious person ( truly) But I love the celebration of the divine through music and voice, that is in all forms from Indigenous aboriginal to Indian chants and even flamenco..Any way Please seek out the **spem in Alium** By tallis and have a listen.. I think you will like it and It may just save your life 😉

    And thank you so much for writing the 200th comment. I couldn’t imagine celebrating it any better than with your music in the background. Very fortunate since you were the second to comment here in the Court.

  8. PS I have found it on utube and will post it for you at wild and feral…it sends shivers down my spine..hope you enjoy!

  9. Mermaid,
    I am on my way now over to Wild & Feral to give it a listen. I was introduced to Hildegard many years ago and have collected most renditions of her work. Her and Loreena Mckennitt really work for me. Thanks for the recommendations. Truly. Dobry Den.

  10. Oh, that’s just..WOW. Shaving his head while driving. Well, I guess it’s no worse than reading while driving down the road or putting make-up on. Bad drivers are starting to get on my nerves.

    To Mermaid – how nice to see another choral music lover here! If you like Tallis so much, like I do, you might enjoy Antioch Chamber Ensemble, too. If you play music on your blog, then I’m going over there, too.. 🙂

  11. Sorry for screwing up my post with the bold tags, Polar. If you can fix it, I’d appreciate it.. 🙂

    Found it, fixed it, no problem, my pleasure.

  12. Janet,
    Thanks for the music link. I followed it and found more music I need to buy. Any more recommendations are surely welcome. I’ve been writing more prose than poetry but it seems to be where I’m at right now. Although I have an idea for something called “The Ocher Dragon”. Hopefully I get off my duff and write it. Always glad to hear from you. Dobry Noc.

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