The Scorpions Sting

January 19, 2008

A man

Who never acknowledges insults

That they may fade


Yet before leaving

They sting him

With venom that burns

Leaving always a scar

The Soul can not mend

His reaction always aggressive

But he is civilized

He can not say a discouraging word

So his pride he must swallow



Until intoxicated

With doubt

quod erat demonstrandum.jpg



  1. I wonder if this is a current work or something from your past.

    I love

    “Until intoxicated

    With doubt”

    This reminds me of a tree I met once. Thank you for sharing dispite the burn.

  2. Polar, how long have you been writing? I’ve been meaning to ask you ever since you entered blog land. I enjoy your stuff tremendously. BTW, I left something at the nest for you under the post Bloggers Of The World.


  3. immwia,
    This is new hence the “On the Mountain” category. Plus the more I share the burn the less I have to feel the burn. Love you long time. Dobry Noc.

    Honestly!? Well I wrote a series of stories when I was 5. Titled “Mr. Scope & Friendly Scratchers”. Friendly Scratchers was Mr. Scope’s dog. It was on & off after that until 1996 when I stopped completely. I picked it up again with this blog due to the prodding of the Wife. Answer your Question? Dobry

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