I am Undone

January 18, 2008

I am empty

My spirit is hibernating

I have stopped responding

No color

No black

No white

Obscured shades of grey

The Stone foundation cracks

Then turns to sand

The tower falters

I watch blankly

At the impending fall

I feel no remorse

I feel nothing


My flower has dried and fallen

Unfertilized seeds

Are taken by the wind

The stalk turns brown

Then to dust

My life ebbs back into the bulb


Still and lifeless

quod erat demonstrandum.jpg



  1. Whoo-Hoo! look who is writing again!
    Now if only it wasn’t so dark…
    and grim..
    Beautiful visuals!( of a dark and painful sort)

  2. “I am empty

    My spirit is hibernating…”

    It sure does not seem like it, but who am I to say.

    Welcome back Polar. 🙂

  3. the poem is dark, but goes well with the world I see when I look out of the window. There is a lot more life in cold, white snow than in gray, rainy winters.

  4. I thought you were on a retreat up in the mountains somewhere. Glad to see you are not hibernating too.

    Nice imagery here my brother. Damn, you write dark as hell in the shadows. Seems vaguely familiar, LOL.

    Good stuff as always.

  5. Sorrow,
    Yeah, Yeah, yeah. And are you mocking me? 😀 I love it when you stop by. Sorry about the darkness. That’s just me purging myself. I’ll Try not to be so “Painful” in the future. Dobry Noc.

    I’ve had some trouble feeling the love lately. It’s like I’m numb or something. Which doesn’t make sense since life doesn’t suck right now. Thanks for keeping tabs on me. Love ya mean it. Dobry.

    Sorry to hear your Winter is so Grey. Are you far enough north to where you don’t see the Sun during Winter? I love the Pict of Booker with his tongue sticking out. That about sums up my opinion of the the world these days.


    That sounds like a damn fine idea. I do know a certain cabin on Cheaha Mt. that I’d love to be kickin’ back in right now. Well the above may be dark but it’s what it took to get my mind right. Go figure. Dobry Den Hawk.

  6. Dear White Bear…we all have to experience the dark night of the soul…it truly is what makes the light so glorious, purge away!

  7. I’m not far enough north to not see the sun during winter, but when we have no snow it sometimes feels like eternal night. There are snow a little further north, so maybe we will have snow soon.

    I love that photo too 🙂

  8. Dear White Bear, also, i think we all have regular winter seasons of the soul…i think they are necessary as a way to rest deeply so we can come back to our lives fresh with newly growing ideas, feelings etc…..an echoe of nature and her cycles…i think you poem express’this concept in a beautiful way…is there not beauty in unfertilized seeds taken by the wind and the brown of the color that remains in the stalk?!

  9. Gail,
    My reply to these will be a Post soon. See what happens when you get me thinking! You’re a slave driver 🙂

    Glad to hear your not in the dark all Winter. I’m hoping for you Snow good enough to ski on followed by weeks of cold but Sunny weather to enjoy. Dobry.

  10. tee hee, lovely…looking forward to your next…responsiveness in another is a miracle!

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