And for Harley….

January 2, 2008



  1. She surely does deserve something special, for all her quick wit and good humor!
    Thanks for the good laugh on this one!

  2. Oh, Polar…You rock! Thank you so very much. *hugs and smooches* You are the best…even marshmallows. 🙂

  3. Polar, how thoughtful for someone as dear and unique as Harley. Though she prefers the hot cocoa, I’d join you for a cigar anytime.

    Happy Snow to you my Brother…

  4. Where are you polar? How about a tasty morsal or even a crumb?

  5. Jazmine,
    I agree. If chocolate is the going rate for Harley’s presence then I need to stock up. Dobry Den.

    For you sweet Harley anything. And so you know that’s not just power mix. It’s shaved Chocolate that one must melt into milk. Only the best for you. Dobry.

    As soon as I restock the humidor you are welcome to whatever is in it, anytime. Hope you like Maduros. Thanks, dobry.

    The Wife & I spent all last night talking about this very topic. The prognosis is that I am STUCK. Since I do not know what to do about it I’ll just soldier on and see what happens. Love you long time, Aqua Bona Est.

  6. Polar,
    Misery loves company, so if you ever need to talk I’m here for you. And if your soldiering on doesn’t help you get un-stuck, I’d be happy to sit with you until you can unstick yourself. I could tell you the story of Merriweather Lewis and the Welsh dragons. *hugs and much love*

  7. Harley,
    You know I’ll have to create a blogging friendship award just for you if you keep being so nice. I think I may be waxing again after the discussion the Wife & I had last night. I’ll know better after a couple of days. Thanks for being Awesome. Dobry Noc.
    P.S – I would love to here about Lewis & Dragon.

  8. Stuck you say…well, since I love you from afar I will just have to be patient (ha) and wait for the next chapter or installment.

    In place of a few choice words, how about you take a picture of something this weekend and post it on your site?

    You did so well with the fire, how about something that speaks to you from nature?

    I once had a dream about a tall beautiful tree. While many others in my village thought the leaves and bark were its treasure, I was lucky enough to know it was the rings of experience within that contained the best treasure of them all.

    Perhaps I will be able to wait after all. Aqua Bona Est.

  9. Waxing…waning…full…or dark, like the moon, I always enjoy having you around. 🙂 In a couple of days, if your still stuck…which may not be a terribly bad thing, gives you a chance to see where you are and where you’ve been…we can story tell and spin yarns about all the ‘what abouts’ and ‘what ifs’ the past has left for us to ferret out. Until then, stay safe and run wild. Sweet dreams…

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