Six-Sidied Spears

December 19, 2007

Droplets of vapor

Conscripted from the air

Amassed in great clouds

Marshalled for War

Each drop armed with spears

And adorned in armor of Ice

All at once a trillion warriors descend upon their prey

Grass, trees, & buildings all buried in the onslaught

And too am I attacked

Yet many defenses have I

Wide-rimmed hat, coat, & gloves

Protect me from the thousand cuts of each flake

So I continue on my Path unhindered

As a fool who easily forgets

The marksmanship of Snow

To patiently fall so far

So slow

Yet still strike the intended target

It only take one

Six-sided spear

Striking the nape of my neck

To penetrate my skin

And invade my spine with Winter’s chill

Consume my body’s warmth with coldness

Infect my mind with a poisonous Frost

Fill my veins with Ice

And inflict upon me

The same mood

That lay siege to the Land

For Winter has come

And my Soul must sleep

quod erat demonstrandum.jpg



  1. What a lovely winter poem…your wife must love all that you write…your fridge must be covered in your prose. 🙂

  2. Hey Harley,
    It’s good to be back & hear from you. I had to get this piece out of my mind before bed. I’m looking forward to reading all the new posts. (I’m on vacation now. Which means I still work about every day anyway. I just get to come home a little earlier!) Dobre Den.

  3. Super writing here! I have to run out and do some more shopping so I’ll return on this for added commentary later this evening. Peace Bro!

  4. Hawk,
    Sorry to get back here so late. The Holidays left me in a funk I’m still fighting. I appreciate all yours & everyones comments whilst I was GALLUMPPHILING! It reminds me there are people who are real & worth a damn.
    Thanks Bro. Dobry

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