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Pass it along…

December 8, 2007

So I’m out driving around today. Among the other cars on the road is a white truck hauling a horse trailer. It seems to be circling me; first on a side road then going the other direction. A while later I finally find it in front of me. When I catch up to it I see that there is a name written across the back. So surprised was I by the name I took a picture as evidence.


First allow me 3 statments:

1). I do not believe in luck

2). I believe coincidence is nothing more than 2 people wearing he same hat.

3). When it comes to our purpose and path Life will give to us: subtle road signs, nudges, & tests.

So this then is to Hawk, from Hawk’s Place. *May your Wind not carry you away but bear your weight when you wings are tired. May your Rain not drive you from the sky but cleanse your eyrie. May your Sun not bring drought to your land but reveal the ground beneath your talons. May your Land not be empty of quarry but forever provide for your needs. And may you know Solace when you want and Joy when you need.*

And if that just happened to be you on the road today… Speed the hell up! you’re blocking the road!