December 4, 2007


Pouring rain

Rain on the streets

The streets of my mind

My mind drained of its Soul

Its Soul that never sleeps

Never sleeps in the dark

The dark that shrouds the life

The life that stalks wisdom

Stalks wisdom

Like Prey

Praying I might feed the hunger

The hunger of fear

Fear that pours on me

Pours on me like rain

quod erat demonstrandum.jpg



  1. Your play on words is wonderful….I like the idea of the last word having first say. With a few lines, you’ve added colour to something that can sometimes feel unexplainable, thus making it tangible in the images you’ve created.

  2. All I can say is I enjoyed the words, but I will have to come back and re-read it several more times. It makes sense to me. You have captured with words what I have felt recently.

    Peace my Brother…

  3. Chantal,
    I find that words come easiest to me when I’m in the flux of an emotion. When I’m depressed it feels like my life is draining away. When I can draw the poison out in words it seems to effect me less.

    Well I hope the recent issue works its way out. If not, breakout the 4×4 and see what the Mountain has to say. Later Bro.

  4. i do not understand why you want to feed the hunger of fear…

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