My Kitchen

December 4, 2007

Miss Harley Quinn tagged me with this “Kitchen Reveal“. So here it is…


White vinyl cabinets
Pond scum green linoleum
1 fluorescent light
Galley kitchen

Of all the reasons we moved here
This kitchen was not one of them

So the kitchen becomes a pot
To which we added
5 quarts of sweat
10 bundles of lumber
Stir with a drill
Fold in 1 hammer

We set the oven on Hi destruction
And cooked it for many months
When the timer went off we had

Handmade natural oak cabinets
Stretching to the ceiling
With corner cabinets and spice racks

A Floor with 12″ sand colored tile
Set diagonally
Making diamonds instead of squares

A skylight in between two dome lights
With a spot light over the sink
And counter lights under each cabinet

All visible from the great room
Through the 7 foot by 3 foot pass-through
Cut into the once solid wall

A pass-through decorated by a 10 foot bar
Supported by more oak cabinets and trimmed in tile
For bar-stool seating for 4

A wood valance hung above the bar
4, 4 foot fluorescent bulbs
Illuminating the bar below

With recessed rope lights
Sparkling above the valance
Showcasing the wife’s art


My wife loves to cook
And is happy to be in the new kitchen


I can only make Ramen
So am thankful for my table saw

quod erat demonstrandum.jpg


I tag Chantal & Susie.



  1. Very catchy, although I can’t quite pick up the tune I am suppose to be humming!
    Watch out Ramen causes Cancer!

  2. Sorrow,
    The tune for this here little ditty would be “Whistle While You Work”. At any given moment I can be Sleepy, Dopey, or Grumpy! The wife hates when I eat that crap (Ramen). Thanks for the warning. Dobre Den.

  3. I want to move in! Your kitchen sounds amazing. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the tag! My kitchen isn’t interesting at all and I have to clean it before I let my readers in, but I will do this meme as soon as I get some time 🙂

  5. Seems like you are being a tagged rather frequently now, my friend.

    A good post. I like the imagery. I must say, honestly, I’m with you, I too, can only do Ramen!

  6. Harley,
    The center of the house has shifted to the bar. Kid 1 & 2 both do their homework there plus it’s where we sit for the informal meals. It’s as if this place was only a house. Now, with this 10′ by 4′ strip, it’s become a home. I can’t cook so do not express myself in the kitchen. The most I’ve done is to build one. Thanks for the Tag I had fun with it.

    Take all the time you need. But don’t worry about it being to clean. I still have sawdust on the counters myself. Looking forward.

    Yeah, like a gift that keeps on giving. I have fun with it though. I’m waiting for someone to go the grill route. I always see those “Big Honkin” grills for sale and figure thats got to be a good story. All I do with a grill is drink beer & burn dinner! Hey Bro, if you need to borrow a power tool…

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