Standing on a Block

November 23, 2007

Standing still
Still in the forest
In the forest looking down
Down at my feet
At my feet feathers
Feathers from a hawk
Primaries, tail, many
Many feathers beside a Beech tree
A Beech tree with a hole
A hole filled with the remains
Remains of a Red-Shouldered Hawk
Kneeling near a different tree
A different tree with another hole
A hole in the base
The base filled with leaves
Leaves covered in blood
Blood dripping
Dripping from higher inside the tree
The Owls tree

quod erat demonstrandum.jpg



  1. Polar, what a wonderful piece of writing. A sorrowful offering, yet you create a vivid image of the natural order of things that exists within the wilds of “Mother Nature”. To experience the full spectrum of the majestic splendor of nature; both in life and death, makes you take pause and consider how truly we are fortunate – those who appreciate, the never ending beauty nature affords us. It is better than a movie, more entertaining than a book, more invigorating than most things with which I am familiar.

    Several years back, while hunting out west with four buddies, we witnessed the taking of a deer by a mountain lion. It was truly a savage and magnificent experience to watch. Perhaps, I may write about this experience.

    Thank you for this personal offering on this Friday.

    Thanks Hawk. It was a hell of a find. I can imagine the adrenaline rush you experienced while watching that take down. Not because you are into death but because you still attached to nature. You have not denied yourself the fundamentals of your existence. There’s many pasty-faced white gloved Illuminati that insist we are not part of nature. That we as Humans are above all that. But, as a doctor once said to me, “We’re not meant to live like this.” He was referring to our society expecting us to live like ants. Which is not in our nature!
    Again, Thanks Bro.

  2. Polar, I have been meaning to tell you, but your RSS for Posts and Comments doesn’t appear to be functioning properly. I have repeatedly attempted to add you to my readers without success! Just thought you would want to know!

    Peace Bro

    RSS? I’ll do some googling and figure it out. I think. Dobre Den.

  3. Bear my friend, don’t worry about it! Something got screwed up when I have previously attempted to add your comment & posts feed to my readers. It kept giving me some stupid error message and there was not title. It seems to be there now. Probably just my SNAFU! Anyway, the RSS is the feeds which allow people to subscribe to your POSTS & Comments, it’s in the META Widget with your Login and Site Admin button! All is good!

    WHEW! For a minuet there I thought I was going to have to learn something about computers!

  4. Bear, the doctor quote just made me smile from ear to ear! Gotta love someone who things like that. Never was even close to being an ant. Though I must say I have been bitten by a good many of a variety all over. Also, I’m very glad to know that some else understands I am not into death. My association with nature has always be a great love. If truth be told, I could live in the mountains or somewhere without ever feeling the desire for human contact. But, I do enjoy the interaction and I must say I’m not a hermit. It’s just my retreat for peaceful solitude and home is the wilderness. People are always saying they perceive me as having a lonely existence. Actually, I never get lonely. I may feel alone sometimes, but never lonely.

    I think I hear Mother Nature’s whispering voice requesting I entertain her with my presence. So, I’m off for about 10 miler today! Peace my bro!

    For those of us that like to occasionally climb out of the Soup Nature will always be the place where we cool down. What I like is that being drawn to nature will forever be part of who we are. I’m sure that Prehistoric man readily reflected on the calming effect of nature, away from the clan, while waiting in ambush for diner. As an astronaut a 1000 years from now will reflect on a scene of setting triple moons on a planet far, far away. I’ll never be a hermit who can’t deal with Humanity or the hyper-plugged-in-city-guy who wouldn’t know what to do with himself if the power went out. I’m not bashing these people. If they’re happy I’m happy. And happier I’m not them. What others call “lonely” we call what you said – Solitude. Thanks bro.

    10 miles! I’d need a bike!

  5. My apology for the added commentary, but I see you are now replying to the comments within the same commentary box. Do you mind if I ask you why you chose this approach? I’m considering doing it, but my only reservation is when you publish a comment and you have subscribers doing their monitoring through a reader, when you add a reply to an already published comment, it doesn’t resubmit, you have to go back to the site to actually see if there was a reply to your comments. Does this make sense? Something to investigate further!

    Thanks Hawk. I was not even aware of this. I picked this up from MHQ. It’s an accounting issue for me. This way all comments are unique. I do not have to divide by 2 to know how many I have (half of them being my responses). I might reconsider now. I’ll think about it. Hawk I appreciate you informing me of this . Thanks.

  6. I also want to say ‘hello’ to you, Polar, and thank you for stopping by and leaving me your warm greeting. And, to my delightful surprise, I notice you have provided your dear readers a link to my blog. Thank you, kindly, Sir (curtsy 🙂 I just recently discovered your blog and I thought I left you a comment on your About page, but it looks like it didn’t materialize. I will return the favor. I think my readers will think they’ve discovered a gold mine. I’m so impressed with your poetry. The knowledge and wisdom of your words affirm an ancient soul. Here, perhaps, to pass on the oral history of our genetic memories when we communed with nature on a deeper level than we do today..?

    The above poem is exquisite. Written and structured by a deft hand and mind. I immediately thought of Rolling Thunder speaking, so vivid is your panoply of Native American symbols. The Owls tree ending line is so perfect here. I had the pleasure of speaking with the Native American artist, Donald Vann, years ago and we spoke at length about the owl. BTW, I have an affinity for owls and the white bison.

  7. A boo-boo, ha ha. I didn’t mean to infer that I’d leave a link on my blog to your blog that wouldn’t materialize. I just want to clear that up. I promise the link will be “live”.

  8. I love how you wrote this, the last word turning into the first word. Very clever. 🙂

  9. Janet,
    Thank you, Thank you! I was going to respond to your “ancient” comment. However your comment has instead compelled me to write a piece on it. Give me a week or so. Thanks, also, for stopping by. I meant for this blog to be entirely poetry yet I’ve met so many Aware people, all of which have so much to say, that I gladly waver between poetry & prose. I appreciate the return link, even if it does not work. Dobre Den

    M Harley Quinn,
    I’m very glad you like this. I came up with this style? a while back and really enjoy it. I’m happy someone else does too. I was afraid it was ridiculously, superfluously, redundantly, repetitive! But to me it flows like water down a brook. Thanks a Million. Dobre!

  10. I am not as articulate as my fellow commenters when it comes to analysis of poetry (and probably many other things). But when I read what they said about your poem I say amen.

  11. Qazse,
    Thanks for the Amen! I have found that I frequently use that word when I find myself surrounded by nature. Thanks for stopping by. Dobre Den

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