Giving Thanks to you.

November 22, 2007

Out at the Stone
The candles are lit
A man is meditating
Out at the Stone
Many thanks are given
For so many gifts received
Out at the Stone
Counted amongst the blessings
Are new Brothers & Sisters
Out at the Stone
Those stronger than distance
Always touching in words
Out at the Stone
The man stands to his feet
Walks into the woods
Out behind the Stone
The bonfire is lit
And the day begins

quod erat demonstrandum.jpg



  1. I couldn’t help from returning to re-read this again and again. My expertise is very limited regarding poetry or writings such as this offering; a novice for sure.

    Interpretation of passages and verses vary according to one’s personal experience. For me the imagery you evoke is this: the ‘stone’ represents life; the daily living. This man is giving thanks for the many blessing which has been granted. A posture of gratefulness; or appreciation. The bonfire is symbolic of the morning sunrise, signifying the birth of a new day, new paths, new beginning, etc.

    Now, I may be totally off base on this one and probably are. Did I not mention I’m not very good at this stuff? Well, there are some other interpretations I could intimate but won’t. Just wondering if I’m remotely close; a yes or no would suffice.

    Dam si jedno pivo prosim!

  2. You are fairly on target here. The fire though is for reflecting, relaxing, & rejoicing as a projection of our own individual fire. The type of fire and how a fire is made tend to be representative of the person who made it. I have a friend who would not marry any guy that couldn’t make a One-Match-Fire (oddly enough there are many people that can’t start a fire without accelerants!). Also, please understand that what I write is almost always, always “literal”.

    I find myself compelled by your comment to write a piece about the Stone. This is a great exercise because a million years ago my friends & I would title pieces of paper then hand it off to one another for completion. Thanks Hawk. dvanast pivo prosim!

  3. Man Oh Man are you good! Damn, if I hang around long enough, I may learn a thing or two. To echo your closing, this is a good exercise. I thoroughly enjoy the engaging discourse even though I may be all wet behind the ears on this stuff. I have never been guilty of being bashful.

    Have a prosperous and fun week ahead…

  4. Thanks, new Brother, very reflective….

  5. Chantal,
    Thanks Sister. Yes Peace indeed. May we all find it often. Whether we’re looking for it of not. Dobre Rano

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