Pity the Gods

November 10, 2007

What is a God without believers?

Perhaps alone

Maybe insane

Definitely mortal

Forgotten Gods

No one to take them seriously

But themselves

The mumbling and pathetic lunatic

Stumbling down the street

Living in a reality

That rots his soul

The world he created to rule

Turned out to be just another hell

If only he could admit to himself

His mistake



  1. This is wonderful, almost sweet, bittersweet.

    Thank you. You see with empathy/compassion first. Such must be a large part of you. Dobre Den.

  2. Wow.

    Thanks. Is that really a ducks butt?

  3. My friend Jennifer used to tell me that homeless people were lost gods and so when a guy told you he was Zeus, or Jesus…be nice, it might just turn out they’re right.

    So I’m walking my dog through the park one day. When this crazy guy starts preaching to the trees that I am going to inherit the Earth because I’m walking my dog! I never knew I owned the Dog of Destiny! Thank you. Dobre Den

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