November 5, 2007

Breathing to the fullest

I draw in the morning air

Each exhale a sigh

Purging the sleep from within


Amniotic fluid for the soul

Like Arthur from the Grail

I drink

Scanning the room

Remembering who I am

As the morning fills with light

So does my body fill with life

Each moment of the awakening

Spent in a silent ceremony of respect

For the day is new

And I have been reborn




  1. Hello, Polar….I’ve come back every morning to read this “Waking”…thank you.


  2. Chantal,
    Thanks for coming over. Tomorrow at Dawn I’ll put on the Tea you bring the doughnuts!

  3. so many delicious lines, visual images, feeling states…lovely sacred rebirth…we are so lucky to have you share your writing with us, thank you

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